10/11/2018 - Map Filter added to Hero Stats and Hero Talents Page

We've added a Map Filter to the Hero Stats and Hero Talents page. We've also shown a change for hero talent win rates.

10/02/2018 - Updates

Global Hero Data -

See our reddit post for this pages release at r/

  • Made some improvements to the UI on mobile

  • Added Ban Rate for Heroes

  • Added win rate change from the previous patch to see how a hero is doing in the current meta

  • Removed a few time frame filters as they seemed slightly redundant.

  • Removed talent builds for old seasons

    • We felt it was not that useful to see talent builds past the last few seasons and it would chew up CPU on our DB to run it

Global Talent Data -

New page! In development and on release we had not planned to show this data as we felt other sites did a good job of it, but after talking with users and investigating other sites more, we felt it would be worthwhile to include it.

  • This page shows each talents win rate along with games played

  • Filterable on this season and this seasons patches, role, hero, game type, and League Tier (bronze, gold, platinum, etc.)

    • Adding season 9 data this week

  • 5 most popular talent builds

    • Right now, for some heroes, the talent builds are almost identical except for one or two talents, we are considering changing the logic to get a wider range of builds. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are.

Compare -

  • Added a toggle to display comparison on averages or stat per minute

Provided an API for MMR and Stats -

We worked with Heroes Share to provide them MMR and Stat information for their live client tool. We also continue to provide them APIs for other services.

8/03/2018 - Bug Fixes

Fixed a few bugs with the styling. Also fixed an issue with players not in NA having blank MMR data on recent games.

7/28/2018 - New Feature - Global Hero Win Rates and Talent Builds

We have added global hero win rates and talent builds. This can be found at, or from the Global Hero Stats link in the header

The data is filterable on

  • Timeframe
    • major patches of current season, last 7 days, current season, and previous seasons (talents still being calculated)
  • Role
  • Hero
  • Game Type
  • League Tier
    • Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master
  • 7/11/2018 - New Feature - Hero MMR

    Hero MMR is an MMR rating for each Hero you play for each league. You will have a different rating based on how you play that hero. When doing the calculations for Hero MMR, you are being compared against other players Hero MMR. This can be used along with Player MMR to better gauge overall Team Skill, or Player Skill for a Player and the Hero they are playing.

    • All pages that have recent matches will show Hero MMR and Hero MMR Change. The single Hero page includes a breakdown of Hero MMR and rank across each league along with a graph showing your trend.

    • The Single Match page shows each Players Hero MMR, and a Team Average Hero MMR.

    • The MMR Breakdown page can now be filtered on Hero MMR.

    Other Improvements

    • Added switching between League and/or Season on the main Profile Page.
    • The MMR Breakdown page now also contains a table showing the breakdowns for each rank and where you fall.

    View our reddit post for more details.

    7/5/2018 - MMR Updates

    MMR has been recalculated and updated across the site. This should reflect more accurate numbers now. A breakdown is as follows:

    • Start MMR reduced from 2000 to 1800.
    • Leagues are now based on percentage of player base. We previously had constant values which was not realistic to actual in game rank. Current system more accurately matches how ranks are defined in game. Minimum of 20 games played to be included in rank breakdowns.
      • Bronze: 7%
      • Silver: 35%
      • Gold: 35%
      • Platinum: 15%
      • Diamond: 7%
      • Master: 1%

    The above percentages can be adjusted as needed, so if you feel there is a better breakdown of how much of the player base is in each league, let us know at or in the comments below.

    View our reddit post for more details.