Talent Builder

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Pick a talent in any tier below to start. The tool will calculate talent win rates dynamically as you change your build choices. Talents on tiers already selected will change based on updates made to the build. Select Hero

Level 1

Monster Hunter
Hot Pursuit

Level 4

Puncturing Arrow
Creed of the Hunter

Level 7

Death Dealer
Repeating Arrow

Level 10

Rain of Vengeance

Level 13

Siphoning Arrow
Tempered by Discipline

Level 16

Frost Shot
Seething Hatred

Level 20

Death Siphon
Storm of Vengeance
Farflight Quiver

Build win rate and how many players have played that exact build. Win rate for builds to level 20 are inflated because teams that make it to level 20 win more. Therefore it is not an accurate representation of a builds viabllity. See table below for that calculation


Talents Games Played with Build Win Rate Avg Win Rate

Calculated build win chance tries to guage what the builds win rate will be at any point during the game.


Talents Games Calculated with Build Win Chance Avg Win Rate
26,616,356 replays | Patch | Up to date as of: 2020-04-06 02:01:05

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