Hero Maps

Hero Maps provide information on which maps are good for each hero.

Johanna Maps

Map Win Rate % Popularity % Ban Rate % Games Played Wins Losses
Garden of Terror50.0442171407704703
Warhead Junction49.6339161356673683
Tomb of the Spider Queen49.5053211810896914
Infernal Shrines49.3550201696837859
Dragon Shire49.0741171404689715
Sky Temple48.8144171512738774
Hanamura Temple48.5745201400680720
Braxis Holdout47.4042161443684759
Battlefield of Eternity46.9745191484697787
Alterac Pass46.6342171411658753
Towers of Doom46.0440161340617723
Cursed Hollow45.6541161391635756