Hero Maps

Hero Maps provide information on which maps are good for each hero.

Diablo Maps

Map Win Rate % Popularity % Ban Rate % Games Played Wins Losses
Sky Temple49.685230219010881102
Cursed Hollow49.306434305915081551
Towers of Doom49.115831274713491398
Dragon Shire48.036132288813871501
Alterac Pass47.665229226610801186
Garden of Terror47.496132283413461488
Tomb of the Spider Queen47.306033260712331374
Battlefield of Eternity46.965932264712431404
Volskaya Foundry46.89502921059871118
Infernal Shrines46.146033272212561466
Hanamura Temple44.0340251533675858
Braxis Holdout43.70492721909571233