Global Hero Statistics

Hero win rates based on differing increments, stat types, game type, or Rank. Click on a Hero to see detailed talent information. Select Hero. On the chart, bubble size is a combination of Win Rate, Pick Rate, and Ban Rate

Win Rates

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AVG 49.37 0.93 0.94 | -2.92 22.64 14.22 8.41 35 | -37 16897
Hero Win Rate % Win Rate Confidence Win Rate Change Popularity % Pick Rate % Ban Rate % Influence Games Played Avg Win Rate
52.30±0.79-0.8216.0812.873.223115,285View Talent Builds
49.26±0.95-0.1810.108.931.16-710,614View Talent Builds
50.62±2.06-11.113.651.911.7412,270View Talent Builds
48.64±0.530.1262.4128.6633.75-5934,048View Talent Builds
47.39±0.68-1.6030.4517.2013.25-5220,433View Talent Builds
48.09±0.750.8540.2914.5425.75-3717,270View Talent Builds
47.20±0.612.1435.8321.8413.99-7125,945View Talent Builds
50.78±0.52-1.9434.1529.974.182535,609View Talent Builds
45.98±0.850.9312.2811.231.05-4613,344View Talent Builds
51.03±1.37-2.064.464.330.1345,144View Talent Builds
47.71±1.120.956.726.410.31-157,611View Talent Builds
48.12±1.21-2.706.225.520.69-106,563View Talent Builds
54.69±0.610.6631.6321.4910.1411225,529View Talent Builds