Global Hero Statistics

Hero win rates based on differing increments, stat types, game type, or Rank. Click on a Hero to see detailed talent information. Select Hero. On the chart, bubble size is a combination of Win Rate, Pick Rate, and Ban Rate

Win Rates

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AVG 50.43 0.95 1.38 | -2.06 22.33 10.87 11.47 44 | -27 12912
Hero Win Rate % Win Rate Confidence Win Rate Change Popularity % Pick Rate % Ban Rate % Influence Games Played Avg Win Rate
48.36±0.73-2.0719.0615.263.81-2618,128View Talent Builds
47.30±1.69-2.983.062.810.26-83,334View Talent Builds
53.26±0.710.3349.6715.8633.817818,846View Talent Builds
47.17±1.132.488.046.301.73-187,492View Talent Builds
53.37±0.831.5172.9811.6961.2910213,893View Talent Builds
50.69±0.850.8012.6011.181.42813,283View Talent Builds
50.29±0.970.2910.658.661.99310,285View Talent Builds
50.45±0.890.1613.8610.213.66512,128View Talent Builds
55.88±1.140.1911.116.095.02387,237View Talent Builds
54.38±0.592.3232.9222.7210.2011127,002View Talent Builds
47.28±0.870.1511.0710.610.47-2912,606View Talent Builds
50.60±0.630.3625.8220.555.271324,424View Talent Builds
53.99±0.91-2.4312.749.772.974011,611View Talent Builds
44.54±1.572.063.653.250.40-183,866View Talent Builds
43.85±0.90-0.7615.129.905.22-6411,764View Talent Builds
53.91±0.932.4618.639.349.294011,094View Talent Builds
52.07±0.884.8558.7110.5348.174212,515View Talent Builds