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Site Overview

What is HeroesProfile?

Heroes Profile is profile-centric; You can search for a player or set an active battletag and view all data in one place. See leaderboards and easily jump between players. Compare yourself to other players or leagues to see if there is any way you can improve your game.

Searching for a player


Set your "Active Battletag" using the search form on the Home Page. This active battletag will be stored as you search the site. You will be highlighted if you show up in a leaderboard, and you can always have easy access to return to your profile from the flyout menu to the right.

You can also search for another player (without changing your active battletag) using the form in the top of the site (Find a Player). Here you can view another player's profile and even compare them to yourself.

Why do so many options come up when I search for a battletag?

If you search for a battletag with the appended unique identifier after it (#1234), it should go directly to that player's profile.

If looking for another player, you likely won't know this identifier (and we strip these off for privacy, so people don't get a ton of friend requests through BattleNet). You can search for any battletag without this identifier, and a list of possible players will come up, if there are duplicates.

There are may reasons why there might be duplicates:

  • There are multiple players with the same battletag in different regions.
  • There are sometimes issues with the replay data in which replays from one player appear to be processed under two different players.

If multiple results are found, it will display a list of options to choose from. We've organized these by # of games played and provided the most recent match information and region to make this easier to determine which battletag is the player you're looking to find.

Leaderboard Page


Use the filters at the top of the page to choose the hero, leaderboard type, and other options for filtering the data.

You can use these filters to display the leaderboard for:

  • Win Rate
  • Games Played
  • KDA
  • KDR

Why don't I show up on the leaderboard?

You have to have played at specific number of games on a hero in order to show up on the leaderboard. See information below. This is so that results aren't skewed (you could play one game and win and have a high win rate, for example).

  • If both league and season are set to all, the required number of games is 50.
  • If a league or season is filtered, the required games is 20.

Compare Page


Use the filters at the top of the page to choose what you'd like to compare. You must choose a hero (Abathur will be selected by default). Any stats further down the page will be filtered by this form's input.

You can compare up to four players by using the boxes underneath the filters. Once players are selected, they will show up in the graphic and advanced stats table below. Colors will correspond to the color of each player's box.

How to add a player

To add a player, click the plus sign on any of the 4 boxes. You will be provided with some choices for choosing a player.

  • League Tier: You can choose to compare to all players in a certain league tier (Bronze, Master, Etc). You can choose this based on region.
  • Suggested: This will display the top players for the hero you've filtered the compare page by in different categories.
  • Custom: Type in a battletag to compare to any player.

Options will be added in the future for comparing to your recently viewed players (on the flyout menu) and yourself.

You can also navigate to any player's profile, map, or hero pages and click "compare" to automatically compare to that player. If you have an active battletag set, it will automatically fill you in as the first player.

Data and Statistic sources

Where does the site get its data?

All data comes from HotsApi - https://hotsapi.net/, a site where users can upload their replays and they are stored in a repository. We use the information from HotsAPI to pull the replay file from the repository and parse the data.

It sometimes takes time for replays to be added to our database, especially in cases where many replays are being uploaded to HotsAPI at one time. We are a team of two and have server limitations as well. Consider donating to our Patreon account so that we can continue to upkeep the site and improve database speeds in the future.

In the future, if and when Blizzard releases a native API, we plan to update the site to pull from that instead, which should provide quicker, more accurate data, as HotsAPI depends on player-submitted data in order to work.

How are the leagues determined?

Leagues are based on Heroes Profile calculated MMR because Blizzard does not expose this data in the player replays.

Each league is 200 MMR points beyond the next one.

The league break down is:

  • Bronze - 2200 and below
  • Silver - 2200-2400
  • Gold - 2400-2600
  • Platinum - 2600-2800
  • Diamond - 2800-3000
  • Master - 3000-3200
  • Grand Master - 3200 and greater

How is MMR calculated?

MMR is calculated based on the principles of the Trueskill algorithm multiplied by a constant to get a number familiar with the MOBA community. This constant may be a bit high currently as it was important to get players into each league due to the relatively small dataset from Hots API. A MMR re-balancing may be needed for the future, and we are always happy for feedback regarding this topic.

We do not have MMR decay implemented.

For more information on the Trueskill alogorithm see the resources below.

Why is MMR not calculated based on game date?

Heroes Profile calculates MMR by a first in, first out process. This means that regardless of when a game was played, the first replay to be added to the Heroes Profile database will be the next in line for MMR adjustment. This can cause MMR to appear to jump if the data is sorted by game date. Also, the HotsAPI uploader uploads replays from newest to oldest.

What do the seasons correspond to?

Seasons are based on Hero League and Team League seasons. Seasons start and end at 12pm EST. Although there may be some variance in the start and end time of seasons, this should have a very minimal impact on the data.

  • 2020 Season 4, 09/08/20 - 12/29/20
  • 2020 Season 3, 06/23/20 - 09/08/20
  • 2020 Season 2, 04/14/20 - 06/23/20
  • 2020 Season 1, 12/03/19 - 04/14/20
  • 2019 Season 2, 08/06/19 - 12/03/19
  • 2019 Season 1.5, 03/26/19 - 08/06/19
  • 2019 Season 1, 12/11/18 - 03/26/19
  • 2018 Season 4, 09/25/18 - 12/11/18
  • 2018 Season 3, 07/10/18 - 09/25/18
  • 2018 Season 2, 03/06/18 - 07/10/18
  • 2018 Season 1, 12/12/17 - 03/06/18
  • 2017 Season 3, 09/05/17 - 12/12/17
  • 2017 Season 2, 06/13/17 - 09/05/17
  • 2017 Season 1, 03/14/17 - 06/13/17
  • 2016 Season 3, 12/13/16 - 03/14/17
  • 2016 Season 2, 09/13/16 - 12/13/16
  • 2016 Season 1, 06/14/14 - 09/13/16

How are the leaderboards calculated?

Leaderboards are based on player win rate for the hero. There is a minimum amount of games played of 20.

What is KDR and KDA?

  • KDR: "Kill-Death-Ratio". How many kills compared to how many deaths (Kills/Deaths)
  • KDA: "Kill-Death-Assists". Comparison of how many takedowns as a team you were a part of, compared to deaths (Takedowns/Deaths)

What is Heroes Profile Score?

Heroes Profile Score is a match based anaylsis ranking showing how a player performed in the match compared to other players in the same match.

The stats used for analysis are

  • Kills
  • Assists
  • Deaths
  • Time Spent Dead
  • Experience
  • Siege Damage
  • Hero Damage
  • Healing
  • Self Healing
  • Mercenary Camp Captures
  • Watch Tower Captures
  • Damage Taken

If you were better than every other player in the match in ALL stats, you'd have a score of 100. This obviously doesn't happen often; most MVPs score arount 70-75.

About Us

Who maintains the site?

We are Zemill and Avadriel. Zemill is a master-level Heroes of the Storm player. He is also a developer in real life who focuses on database development. You can view his Profile to learn more about his game style.

Avadriel is really bad at Heroes of the Storm, but she's good at website development. She does play WOW, though. You can view her main here: Avadriel

How is site upkeep paid for?

We are a small team of two, and the site has a lot of costs to keep running (which we are paying for out-of-pocket). We have a database that is constantly parsing replay data to keep the site up-to-date along with hosting costs.

We currently don't have ads on the site, and would like to keep it this way, but in order to do that, we need your help. Please consider donating to our Patreon so we can continue keeping the site up-to-date and ad-free.

Help! Something on the site isn't working!

I feel like my data is missing, what can I do?

  • Verify you have uploaded all data to HotsApi. You can get the uploader at https://hotsapi.net/upload
  • Once replays are uploaded, it might take some time for our database to parse the replays. This is dependent on number of replays uploaded at one time to HotsAPI for all users. If your replay data doesn't show up right away, wait a little while and check back again.
  • HotsApi only contains replays from 6/21/2016 and on. This means any games played before that date are not avaiable.
  • Some replays are corrupt. Unfortunately it is difficult to know if a specific replay falls into this category. Feel free to conact Heroes Profile directly at contact@heroesprofile.com if you feel your data is missing. Provide the following information : Battletag, region, game date, game map, league, hero played

It says all players have 0 damage taken for matches.

Blizzard only tracked damage taken for heroes on Warrior classes or specific heroes like Uther, who are supposed to take damage, up until around the time the Fenix patch,, was released.

Matches played before that date will display damage taken as 0

It says that I did healing on a hero who doesn't have any healing spells.

Blizzard includes all types of healing in this stat. The most likely scenario is that you used an item in the game that heals, such as Biotic Emitter in Volkskya Foundry, and that value contributed to your score.

Why is the MMR not in order?

Our calculated MMR is dependent on when the replays were uploaded. If a replay from an older date is uploaded after a newer replay, it will calculate them in the order they were uploaded, not played.

In order to calculate MMR, we have to parse replay data from millions of entries and can't go back to recalculate MMR after every replay is played. Our MMR score is approximate.

The site says that I am in a different league tier than Blizzard shows me in game.

Blizzard doesn't expose this data to players in their replay data. Therefore, we display league tiers (Bronze, Gold, Etc.) based on our calculated MMR based on uploaded replays.

For more information on how we calculate Leagues and MMR:

Why does my match show no talents?

Sometimes replays are corrupt and talents aren't shown.

Also, the talent you used could be removed from the game or it could be a brand new talent. In either case, there may be issues displaying the talent.

Your issue not listed here?

Please contact us at contact@heroesprofile.com. Provide as much information about your issue including:

  • A direct link to the page that isn't working
  • The browser and device you are using
  • Battletag, region, game date, game map, league, hero played (if the issue is regarding one of these stats)
  • A description of the issue along with the steps that you took to get there

I'm a noob and have no idea what you're talking about.

What is Heroes of the Storm?

Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA created by Blizzard Entertainment. We don't have any affiliation with Blizzard or Heroes of the Storm. It's a fun game, and you should check it out: Heroes of the Storm Official Site.

If you need additional resources in starting out, here are some great sites we like to use:

  • http://stormspy.net/heroes
  • https://www.mmo-champion.com
  • https://www.icy-veins.com/heroes/
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/
  • https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Heroes%20of%20the%20Storm

If you have any questions not covered here, feel free to contact us directly at contact@heroesprofile.com